Solar panel cleaning with ultra-pure demineralized water increases solar power production up to 30%.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Why is solar panel cleaning important?  

  1. Photovoltaic solar systems are a huge investment. Just like your car needs maintenance every few thousand miles, your solar system needs to be maintained to keep it performing at its best. Dirt, bird droppings, pollen, and dust cause decreased efficiency of your panels. Cleaning and inspection on a regular basis ensures that you are maximizing your investment and generating as much electricity as possible.

  2. Clean panels last longer. Chemical reactions with contaminants on the solar panel glass can cause permanent etching. The etching allows more contaminants to collect on the glass and eventually destroy the panel. Keeping your panels clean will ensure years of service out of your system.

  3. Clean panels produce more solar electricity. More solar electricity means less fossil fuel fired power plants online and less CO2 emissions, which is good for the planet. Clean panels clean the planet.

Pigeon waste cleanup

Pest Abatement/

Barrier Install

Pigeons, squirrels, possums, and other vermin can get under your solar panels making them their new home.  With that comes chewed wires as well as unsightly and unhealthy messes.  True Light Solar has the solution.

Pest Abatement includes the following:

  • cleaning of the solar panels
  • visual inspection of solar system for damaged wires
  • ensure mounts are secure
  • cleaning and removal of animal waste from roof, gutters, and sidewalk/patio areas
  • installation of black, PVC Coated, galvanized steel screen from the panel down to the roof
  • service report with before and after pictures.
Thermal image showing faulty "hot" panel.

Thermal image showing faulty "hot" panel.

Inspection & Maintenance

Rain, snow, wind, heat... solar systems are exposed to all sorts of harsh environments. Nesting birds, as well as squirrels and raccoons chewing on wires can cause damage to your system.  Regular inspections ensure that your solar panels are in tip top shape to maximize electricity generation.

Our cleaning and inspection service includes thermal imaging.  Thermal imaging can detect faulty cells or panels that may be costing you money.  Getting your system inspected can save you thousands before your warranty runs out.

Birds, squirrels and other pests can make a mess of your system.  Periodic inspection can help you evict these pests before they end up damaging your system.

Occasionally, solar panels and system components fail and need to be replaced. Trust True Light Solar to get the job done right and help you get your system back online.

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