Cleaning on a regular basis ensures that you are maximizing your investment and generating as much electricity as possible.  Our solar panel cleaning service includes:

  1. Honest job quote which includes travel, water, time and materials. Review panel ownership and ability to clean panels. 
  2. Pre job inspection of panels with pictures. Look for exposed wires or damaged panels. 
  3. Pre job hazard analysis. 
  4. Check cleaning water quality and temperature.
  5. Clean panels with deionized water and mild soap when needed. 
  6. Digital pictures of cleaning progress during job.
  7. Post job inspection, photos, and efficiency comparison with cost savings calculated.
  8. Clean up job site. 

Pest Abatement

Pigeons, squirrels, possums, and other vermin can get under your solar panels making them their new home.  With that comes chewed wires as well as unsightly and unhealthy messes.  

Pest Abatement includes the following:

  • cleaning of the solar panels
  • visual inspection of solar system for damaged wires
  •  making sure mounts are secure
  • cleaning and removal of animal waste from roof, gutters, and sidewalk/patio areas
  • installation of black, PVC Coated, galvanized steel screen from the panel down to the roof
  • a service report with before and after pictures.

Inspections & Maintenance

Periodic inspections of your solar components is important to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. Solar component inspections include:

  1. Digital pictures of solar panels. Check for cracked, faded, etched, or otherwise damaged panels.
  2. Inspect wires for damage or UV/heat deterioration. 
  3. Solar component testing
  4. Inspection report.

Occasionally panels and components get damaged.  Trust True Light Solar to repair your system components correctly.